This past year has been super hard with budgets being hit left and right! Many of you have shared that you just don’t have the money to put toward curriculum that you used to.   High Voltage Kids Ministry has put this special curriculum bundle together to help in times like these!

We’ve hand-picked 8 of our most popular DIGITAL Downloads Curriculum and made them available to you for one EXTREMELY LOW price!

(these are DOWNLOADS only, NO PHYSICAL PRODUCTS are available for this deal)

You get 53 weeks of content for the low price of $99!

Originally this would cost you $711.  That is a savings of $612!


THIS DEAL HAS ENDED as of 10AM Central, May 8, 2023


Only $99 for 8 Curriculum Series

All curriculums below are digital downloads

On A Mission

Originally priced: $99

In this series, the children are going to learn all about the mission Jesus was on. They are going to learn WHY He came, then learn WHY He left. Jesus left in order to leave us a powerful Helper in the Holy Spirit. With the Holy Spirit’s help, we can accomplish a MISSION of our own - the Great Commission!

  • Lesson 1: “Seek & Save The Lost”
  • Lesson 2: “REAL Life”
  • Lesson 3: “I Give You Peace”
  • Lesson 4: “The Helper”
  • Lesson 5: “Going To Heaven”

It's a Miracle

Originally priced: $99

Believing is the hardest part. Sometimes it seems that there is just no way a miracle can happen because our situation is just too big. In this series, the children will learn the stories of Lazarus, the lame man, the widow’s son, the deaf mute, and Peter getting money from a fish. They will learn that Jesus can always show up and perform a miracle!

  • Lesson 1 - “Never Too Late” (Lazarus Is Raised)
  • Lesson 2 -  “So, Help Me, God” (Lame Man Is Healed)
  • Lesson 3 -  “Kick The Habit” (Demons Into Pigs)
  • Lesson 4: - “Lean On Me” (Jesus Heals A Deaf Mute)
  • Lesson 5: - “It’s Not Over” (The Widow's Son)
  • Lesson 6: -  “Gone Fi$hin” (Money From A Fish's Mouth)

Joseph, Living The Dream

Originally priced: $99

In this series, we study the life of Joseph to help us understand how God can work through even life’s toughest circumstances. Every lesson follows Joseph’s life - from the dream to reality.

  • Lesson 1: “Nobody’s Perfect”
  • Lesson 2: “Dream A BIG Dream”
  • Lesson 3: “Running From Temptation”
  • Lesson 4: “Why Is This Happening To Me?”
  • Lesson 5: “When You Feel Forgotten”
  • Lesson 6: “Can God Ever Reach _____________?”
  • Lesson 7: “Getting Rid Of ‘Stinking Thinking”
  • Lesson 8: “Let Go Of The Hurt”
  • Lesson 9: "Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?”
  • Lesson 10: “Be Faithful In The Moment”

Animal Tales  

Originally priced: $99

Kids love animals! God loves animals! God created the animals! Often, when we think of animals in the Bible we only think of Noah’s Ark. But God used many animals in the Bible to teach His truth. In this series, we will look at six of these incredible animals.

  • Lesson 1: “The Snake” (Adam & Eve)
  • Lesson 2: “The Pig” (Prodigal Son)
  • Lesson 3: “The Donkey” (Balaam’s Talking Donkey)
  • Lesson 4: “The Lamb” (Abraham Sacrifices Isaac)
  • Lesson 5: “The Camel” (The Rich Young Ruler)
  • Lesson 6: “The Lion” (Daniel In The Lion’s Den)

How 2

Originally priced: $99

There are few people more influential in the history of the Early Church than the Apostle Paul.  He planted churches, preached across dozens of countries, and wrote most of the New Testament. However, Paul wasn’t always the amazing missionary he turned out to be.  He began his life on the wrong track.  He was a Christian-killer.  When God got ahold of him, his whole life changed.

In this series, the children will learn HOW 2 handle many difficult moments in life.  The Apostle Paul was an incredible example of HOW 2 live like Jesus, HOW 2 spread God’s love, and HOW 2 change the world.

  • Lesson 1: “How 2 Change Your Life”
  • Lesson 2: “How 2 Have A Good Church Fight”
  • Lesson 3: “How 2 Handle Success”
  • Lesson 4: “How 2 Share Your Faith”
  • Lesson 5: “How 2 Make A Bad Decision”
  • Lesson 6: “How 2 Survive A Storm”
  • Lesson 7: “How 2 Handle An Attack”
  • Lesson 8: “How 2 Deal With Loneliness”

Soul Food

Originally priced: $99

FOOD that God has planned for each of His children. As your kids follow the hilarious episodes of “Ivanna Cooke” and her guest chefs, they will learn how to fill their lives with SOUL FOOD!

  • Lesson 1: “Suffering” (Stephen Is Martyred)
  • Lesson 2: “Joy” (King David Dances For Joy)
  • Lesson 3: “Humility” (King Nebuchadnezzar’s Pride)
  • Lesson 4: “Song” (David In Cave Of Adullum)
  • Lesson 5: “Shout” (Battle Of Jericho)
  • Lesson 6: “Separation” (Ananias And Saphhira)
  • Lesson 7: “Swagger” (Jesus Casts Out Demons)

Jesus Is For Everyone

Originally priced: $99

Jesus didn’t come and reveal Himself to the Kings and Leaders of the time. He was born in a manger and appeared to Shepherds. Jesus didn’t spend His time ministering only to the “important” and “influential” people of society. He spent time ministering to the hurting, the sick, the lost, and the poor. Jesus was willing to spend time with ANYONE who would listen to His message.

The people of Jesus’ time saw first-hand that Jesus is not just for the wealthy, well-connected, or special people. Nope, the truth is - “JESUS IS FOR EVERYONE.”

That’s the name of this series – “JESUS IS FOR EVERYONE.” It’s all about how Jesus loves everyone in this world exactly the same! “Red and Yellow, Black and White” – all people are precious in His sight!

  • Lesson 1: “God Loves The World” (Nicodemus)
  • Lesson 2: “Drop The Rocks” (Adulterous Woman)
  • Lesson 3: “Jesus Loves The Little Children” (Children)
  • Lesson 4: “Leave It All Behind” (Matthew)
  • Lesson 5: “The Living Water” (Woman At The Well)
  • Lesson 6: “No Doubt” (Thomas)

Jesus Is… (Christmas)

Originally priced: $99

In this series, the children will learn some incredible lessons based on that prophecy from Isaiah.  Ultimately, they will learn that Jesus is Emmanuel - “God With Us.”   We pray that this series is a blessing to you and the children in your ministry as you celebrate this timeless story that changed the world this Christmas!

  • Lesson 1: “Jesus Is…WONDERFUL”
  • Lesson 2: “Jesus Is…COUNSELOR”
  • Lesson 3: “Jesus Is…MIGHTY GOD”
  • Lesson 4: “Jesus Is…EVERLASTING FATHER”
  • Lesson 5: “Jesus Is…PRINCE OF PEACE”
  • Lesson 6: “Jesus Is…EMMANUEL”