Q: "I ordered a download, what happens next?"

A: After your download purchase has been approved, we will process your order. Orders are typically processed within one (1) hour but could take as long as twenty four (24) hours to complete. Once your order has been processed we will send you a confirmation email using the email address you provided on our order form.

If your download purchase is not in your download portal, log out of your account and then log back in, to refresh the portal. Your download purchase should appear in "Website Purchases" under the "Download" thumbnail. If not, please contact us at support@highvoltagekids.com.

Q: "Are you a 'Curriculum Company?'"

A: No, we are not. We are a Children's Ministry in a local church in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The curriculum and resources you see on this site were not created by some writers in a high and lofty corporate office. Everything we offer has been "kid tested" and "Children's Pastor approved" by our hard working staff that minister to children on a weekly basis!

Q: "What denominational doctrines do you include in your curriculum?"

A: Our desire is to partner with ALL denominations and provide EVERYONE with resources they can use to reach children for the cause of Christ. We have churches of Baptist, Pentecostal, Independent, Lutheran, Nazarene, Methodist, and many other denominations using our curriculum all around the world. For this reason, we do not cover any "controversial" doctrine issues such as "speaking in tongues" or "eternal security" in our curriculum. We understand the importance of these teachings to various denominations, but choose to stick to truths that we ALL can agree on when writing our curriculum.

Q: "Do you have any curriculum that is designed for children in pre-school?"

A: The individual curriculum series available in our webstore focus solely on the Elementary age (Kindergarten thru 5th grade). We have launched a preschool curriculum that is exclusively available in our Digital Membership. We hope to make these Preschool curriculum series available in our webstore in the near future.

Q: What happens to data when a digital membership expires?

A: If you cancel your digital membership before its term end date, the subscription moves directly into the disabled state, and you lose access to the membership portal and the content in the membership portal. Before you cancel your membership or if you choose not to renew your membership, we recommend that you download everything in your portal so you still have access to the curriculum.

Q: "I have multiple classrooms that need to use the Curriculum. Can I make copies or do I need to purchase multiple quantities?"

A: We want to make it as easy on your budget as possible. Feel free to make copies of the discs or download- providing they are used within your church.

Questions you have that we didn't cover?
Feel free to email us at support@highvoltagekids.com or call 888-826-4883. We would be happy to answer it for you!

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