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A 5-Day big event experience from High Voltage Kids

Retail Price: $249

Build your life for Jesus


"BUILD" Theme Song

Big Event Kit includes everything you need:

  • Intro Videos, Power Verse Videos, Bible Story Videos, WGK Videos, etc.
  • Countdowns, promo videos, etc.
  • Director’s Manual
  • Large Group Manual (games, skits, illustrated messages, etc.)
  • Age-level Small Group Manuals (Pre-K – 1st; 2nd – 3rd; 4th – 5th)
  • Rotation Station Manual (crafts, snacks, activities)
  • Praise and Worship Music (with lyric videos)
  • “Build” Theme Song (with lyric video)
  • Much, much, more!!!

Main Focus: We must BUILD our lives on Jesus.

Power Verse: “Everybody who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise builder.” – Matthew 7:24 (CEB)

Day 1 - BUILD On The Right Foundation

Whatchagaddaknow: I Will Build My Life On Jesus!
Bible Story: Parable Of The Two Builders (Luke 6:46-49)

Day 2 - BUILD With The Right Materials

Whatchagaddaknow: I Will Fill My Life With The Good Things Of God!
Bible Story: Daniel Refuses The King’s Food (Daniel 1)

Day 3 - BUILD With The Right Tools

Whatchagaddaknow: I Will Build With Power Tools!
Bible Story: Peter Gets Power (Luke 22:54-62; Acts 2)

Day 4 - BUILD 4 Life

Whatchagaddaknow: I Gotta Build My Faith Every Day!
Bible Story: Jesus Teaches The Teachers (Luke 2:41-52)

Day 5 - BUILD The Kingdom

Whatchagaddaknow: I Will Build God’s Kingdom And Share My Faith!
Bible Story: Andrew Brings Simon To Jesus (John 1:29-50)

Preview Videos

Intro Video

Bible Story Video

Whatchagaddaknow Video

Lyric Video Samples

You Are Good

I Love You, God


Feels So Good

All I Wanna Do


This schedule is based on a three-hour experience. It is flexible and able to be redesigned to accommodate your facilities and schedule.

Opening Session (45 minutes)

  • Countdown (5 mins before)
  • Opening Song (Praise Song – 5 mins)
  • Host Welcome (2 mins)
  • “Intro Video” (4 mins)
  • Emcee transition (1 min)
  • “BUILD” Theme Song (3 mins)
  • Emcee Transition (1 min)
  • Offering Time (5 mins)
  • “Whatchagaddaknow” Teaching (2 mins)
  • Large Group Game (10 mins)
  • Character Skit (5 mins)
  • Bible Story Video (5 mins)
  • Host Close (2 mins)

Small Groups (45 minutes)

Rotation Stations (45 minutes)

  • Snack Time (15 mins)
  • Activity (15 mins)
  • Master Builders Station (15 mins)

Closing Session (45 minutes)

  • Countdown (5 mins before)
  • Emcee transition (2 mins)
  • Power Verse introduction and teaching (3 mins)
  • Power Verse Video (3 mins)
  • Emcee transition (2 mins)
  • Worship (Slow Worship Song – 5 mins)
  • Call To Action (10 mins)
  • Altar Experience (5 mins)
  • REWIND (10 mins)
  • Host Close (5 mins)

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