time management

May 13, 2014

Who Is Really In Charge Of Your Weekly Schedule?

There are two ways you can live:  Proactive or Reactive!  You can either float through your work week responding and reacting to whatever life throws at you, OR you can live ON-PURPOSE according to a plan you have set.  One produces peace and productivity, the other produces stress and procrastination. Obviously, stuff happens.  Things come up.  You can’t plan for everything. But, I have found that it is a whole lot easier to accomplish what matters most when you are proactive and "begin with the end in mind." (see Stephen Covey's "7 habits of Highly Effective People") One of the […]
March 18, 2013

Five Habits Of "On-Time" Leaders!

Time is precious.  We only have so many years on this Earth, only 7 days a week, and only 24 hours in a day.  Sadly, too many leaders waste MUCH of the time they are given.  When you waste time it can have a negative impact on your leadership and your relationships. I challenge you to adopt the five habits of the "On-Time" Leader! 1.  Arrive ON TIME!    If you are supposed to meet someone for lunch, be at a staff meeting, or attend an event - arrive ON TIME!  When you arrive late it sends a message to the […]
October 29, 2012

The "5 by Five" Approach To Setting Priorities

As a Kidmin Leader, there are a ton of responsibilities you have to juggle on a daily basis.  Those who are tasked with overseeing Nursery, Early Childhood, Elementary, Family Ministry, Outreach & Evangelism, and all of the other departments that often fall under the leadership of the Children's Ministry often have a difficult time keeping everything straight. Time management is difficult.  Keeping "the main thing" in perspective is equally as difficult.  How does one organize and prioritize the week without losing sight of the details and ultimately failing to get some things done that MUST be done? There's not a […]