Power Packs 2.0

Brand New for 2022, High Voltage is releasing their Power Packs 2.0.  Our Elementary Curriculum has really leveled up!  With new segments like “Whatchagaddaknow” and “Rewind” along with new characters such as “Terri Yaki”, “Big Ray”, “R. Tiste”, and “Dr. Von Hinklesnot”.  Also, Power Packs 2.0 Elementary Curriculum coincides and works hand-in-hand with our Preschool Curriculum.

Power Packs 2.0 – these series are download ONLY.  No physical product available.

First two quarters of this new curriculum are available NOW below!  Next few releases on the following schedule:

May 2022 - “Blessed”

June 2022 – “Game Plan”

July 2022 – “Battle Zone”

August 2022 – “Every Soul Matters To God”

For the entire Year 1 Scope and Sequence click HERE!