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Picture This

When people think of an “Easter Picture” they often think of a family, all dressed up, in front of a beautiful Spring background. Or, they might think of a group of kids with the Easter Bunny.

In reality, neither of those things are a very accurate PICTURE of what Easter is all about. In this lesson, your kids will learn about three PICTURES of Easter that are life-changing.

This lesson includes the following:

"LESSON INTRO VIDEO" (Kailey enters a photo contest and learns what is the "perfect picture" of Easter)

"CHARACTER SKIT" (complete comedy script featuring Wacky Wally)

"GAME TIME" ("Get The Picture" PowerPoint Game)

"ILLUSTRATED MESSAGE" (includes animated illustrations, object lessons, teaching script, plus "Jesus' Death" video and "Jesus' Resurrection" video and more)

"POWERPOINT SLIDES" (graphic slides to enhance every part of the service)

"GRAPHIC ARTWORK" (use for promoting the Easter Sunday lesson)

"BRAIN DRAIN REVIEW GAME" (see how much the kids learned)

"SMALL GROUP EXPERIENCE" (small group lesson to go along with large group lesson)

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