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Roller Coaster Life

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

In this series, your children will learn valuable lessons about how to deal with life's "ups and downs."

Through the amazing Bible Stories of the life of the prophet, Elijah, your kids will learn valuable lessons about how to handle the difficult moments of life.

We pray that this series will help your kids always remember that God can help through the highest highs and lowest lows!

  • Lesson 1 - “The Roller Coaster Life” (Elijah is fed by ravens)
  • Lesson 2 - "God Will Provide” (Elijah & The Widow)
  • Lesson 3 - “A God Of Miracles” (Elijah raises the dead)
  • Lesson 4 - “Who Is The REAL God?” (Elijah on Mt. Carmel)
  • Lesson 5 - “The God Who Gives Me Strength” (Elijah runs)
  • Lesson 6 - “Faithful To The End” (Elijah goes to Heaven)


Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

Through the prophet, Elisha, God performed many miracles. In this series, the children will follow Elisha on his many incredible experiences. They will witness many miracles and be blown away by God’s power at work in Elisha. Ultimately, they will learn that God can use THEM in powerful ways as well. We pray that your children are inspired by the life of God’s Powerful Prophet, ELISHA!

  • Lesson 1: “How To Be A Faithful Follower”
  • Lesson 2: “Share What You Have”
  • Lesson 3: “God Can Do It”
  • Lesson 4: “Don’t Give Up”
  • Lesson 5: “Do You See What I See?”
  • Lesson 6: “Are You Thirsty?”
  • Lesson 7: “Poison In The Pot
  • Lesson 8: “Trust & Obey”

24: A Day That Saved The World

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

This series will take your children on a journey through the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life. From the Last Supper to Gethsemane, and all the way to the cross - your children will learn all about why we celebrate Easter in this series.

  • Lesson 1 - “How To Be The Greatest” (Jesus washes disciples' feet)
  • Lesson 2 - “How To Get To Heaven" (Last Supper)
  • Lesson 3 - "When Things Go Wrong" (Last Supper pt 2)
  • Lesson 4 - “Time To Pray” (Garden of Gethsemane)
  • Lesson 5 - "Tough Choices" (Crucifixion)
  • Lesson 6 - “The Price Is Right” (Resurrection)


Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

In this series, we focus on this story in multiple parts and from multiple angles.  There are many lessons that your children will learn that will help them discover the inner “giant-killer” in themselves.

We pray God will use this story and these lessons to help inspire your children to take on their biggest fears, issues, and problems.  It is then that God can use their stories to encourage other children to do the same thing.

  • Lesson 1: “It’s Time To Fight”
  • Lesson 2: “Who’s Gonna Fight This Giant?”
  • Lesson 3: “You Can’t Do THAT!”
  • Lesson 4: “It’s MY Giant”
  • Lesson 5: “Listen Up!”
  • Lesson 6: “The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall”

Animal Tales

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

Kids love animals! God loves animals! God created the animals! Often, when we think of animals in the Bible we only think of Noah’s Ark. But God used many animals in the Bible to teach His truth. In this series, we will look at six of these incredible animals.

In this series, we’re going to be learning from some of those “Animal Tales” from the Bible!

  • Lesson 1: “The Snake” (Adam & Eve)
  • Lesson 2: “The Pig” (Prodigal Son)
  • Lesson 3: “The Donkey” (Balaam’s Talking Donkey)
  • Lesson 4: “The Lamb” (Abraham Sacrifices Isaac)
  • Lesson 5: “The Camel” (The Rich Young Ruler)
  • Lesson 6: “The Lion” (Daniel In The Lion’s Den)


Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

“Ouch!” is all about some really powerful truths Jesus taught when he preached the Sermon on the Mount.  Jesus said some things that made his followers say, “Ouch!” because they knew what Jesus said was SO true, and when they thought about how they were living compared to how Jesus said they should be, it stung a little.  It hurt to see how far off they were from how Jesus said they should be living.

  • Lesson 1: “Be Happy When People Pick On You!” Matthew 5:10)
  • Lesson 2: “Cut Off Your Hand!” (Matthew 5:30)
  • Lesson 3: “Don’t Judge Others, Or You Will Be Judged!” (Matthew 7:1)
  • Lesson 4: “Anger Is Murder!” (Matthew 5:21,22)
  • Lesson 5: “Love Your Enemies!” (Matthew 5:44)
  • Lesson 6: “Not Everyone Who Calls Me Lord Will Go To Heaven!” (Matthew 7:21)

Questions, Questions, Questions

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

Jesus was a master teacher. From the parables to the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus consistently amazed the teachers of the law and His disciples with His insight and wisdom. One tool that Jesus used in a powerful way was the tool of asking probing questions.

In this series, your children are going to learn from some of the BIGGEST questions Jesus asked. They are going to learn from Jesus on subjects ranging from gratitude to judgmentalism. They will learn from stories Jesus told such as “The Rich Fool” and “The Good Samaritan.”

  • Lesson 1: “Why Do You Call Me Lord, But Don't Do What I Say?"
  • Lesson 2: “What Do You Benefit If You Gain The Whole World, But Lose Your Own Soul?"
  • Lesson 3: “Where Are The Other Nine?"
  • Lesson 4: “Why Are You Afraid?"
  • Lesson 5: "Why Worry About A Speck In Your Friend's Eye When You Have A Log In Your Own?"
  • Lesson 6: “Which Would You Say Was A Neighbor?"

How 2

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

In this series, the children will learn HOW 2 handle many difficult moments in life.  The Apostle Paul was an incredible example of HOW 2 live like Jesus, HOW 2 spread God’s love, and HOW 2 change the world.

This is a fun 1980s Retro themed series.  Your kids will love it!

  • Lesson 1: “How 2 Change Your Life”
  • Lesson 2: “How 2 Have A Good Church Fight”
  • Lesson 3: “How 2 Handle Success”
  • Lesson 4: “How 2 Share Your Faith”
  • Lesson 5: “How 2 Make A Bad Decision”
  • Lesson 6: “How 2 Survive A Storm”
  • Lesson 7: “How 2 Handle An Attack”
  • Lesson 8: “How 2 Deal With Loneliness”

Y.O.L.O / Jesus Is Worth It

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

People often use the phrase Y.O.L.O. right before they do something RISKY – something DARING!  They may be scared to do it, but they face their fears and take a risk because – after all – You Only Live Once!

It’s true!  You Only Live Once!  You only get ONE LIFE to live here on this Earth.  You HAVE to make it count!  That’s why we are going to be studying some really cool stories from the Bible – in the Book of Esther!  In each lesson of this series, the children are going to look at a different character in the story.   Each character will teach us some powerful lessons.  Some through their GOOD example, and some through their BAD example!

  • Lesson 1: “Lessons From Mordecai”
  • Lesson 2: “Lessons From Haman”
  • Lesson 3: “Lessons From King Xerxes”
  • Lesson 4: “Lessons From Esther”
  • Lesson 5: “How To Make Your Life Count”

Prison Break

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

Prison.  Just the thought of it produces emotion and fear.  When you hear that word, different things come to mind:  Horrible food, Boredom, Lonely, Locked up with no way out. Stuck.  Caught.  Powerless.  Captive.  If you are in, you want to get out!

In this series, we are going to look at prison stories from the book of Acts in the Bible.  We are going to look at some people who were thrown into prison – not for something BAD that they did – but for something GOOD.

  • Lesson 1: “Unstoppable” (The Apostles’ Prison Break)
  • Lesson 2: “Breaking Free” (Peter Escapes From Prison)
  • Lesson 3: “Singing In The Dark” (Paul & Silas, Pt. 1)
  • Lesson 4: "What Are You Chained To?" (Paul & Silas, Pt. 2)
  • Lesson 5: “In Prison For Good”  (Paul & Silas Pt. 3)

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

In this six-week curriculum series, your children will learn from Psalm 23 that they need a shepherd to lead them and guide them in their lives. We are ALL sheep that are in need of our Shepherd, GOD! Through the stories of Mary & Martha, the paralyzed man, Gideon, King David, Mephibosheth, and the Parable of the Lost Sheep.

  • Lesson 1: “The Good Shepherd” (Psalm 23:1)
  • Lesson 2: "Resting In God” (Psalm 23:2)
  • Lesson 3: “New Strength” (Psalm 23:3)
  • Lesson 4: “Walking In The Valley” (Psalm 23:4)
  • Lesson 5: “Honored And Blessed” (Psalm 23:5)
  • Lesson 6: “In God's House” (Psalm 23:6

The New Normal

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

In this study of Ephesians 4, 5, & 6, your children will learn through the stories of Ananias and Saphira, Jesus and the Pharisees, Judas, Abraham and Isaac, David and Saul, and the early Apostles. They will learn how God is calling us to a new level in our relationship with Him when it comes to our attitude, speech, morality, families, and churches. God is calling us to live in “The NEW Normal” of His power and grace.

  • Lesson 1 - “I’ve Got A New Attitude” (Ephesians 4:2)
  • Lesson 2 - "Watch Your Mouth” (Ephesians 4:29)
  • Lesson 3 - “A.C.T. Normal” (Ephesians 5:1)
  • Lesson 4 - “The Normal Church” (Ephesians 4:3)
  • Lesson 5 - “A Normal Family” (Ephesians 6:1)
  • Lesson 6 - “The Armor of God” (Ephesians 6:11)

Game Of Life

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

In this series, your children will learn valuable lessons from "God’s rulebook," the Bible. To do this, we use some of the world’s most beloved board games as starting points for each lesson!

Through the amazing Bible Stories of Jacob & Esau, Feeding The 5000, Apostle Paul, Jesus in the WIlderness, Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders, and Adam & Eve, your kids will learn valuable lessons about how to win in the "Game of Life."

We pray that this series will help your kids always remember that God created them for a purpose!

  • Lesson 1 - “Hungry, Hungry, Hippos” (Feeding the 5000; spiritual hunger)
  • Lesson 2 - "Sorry” (Jacob & Esau; forgiveness)
  • Lesson 3 - “Words With Friends” (Apostle Paul; the power of words)
  • Lesson 4 - “Memory” (Jesus in the WIlderness; memorizing the Bible)
  • Lesson 5 - “Jenga” (Parable of Wise & Foolish Builders; Keeping Jesus as our centerpiece)
  • Lesson 6 - “Mousetrap” (Adam & Eve; avoiding the trap of sin)


Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

In this series, your children will learn the importance of calling on God for HELP with our everyday problems. There is nothing too hard for God. He hears us when we call on Him - and He always answers!

Through the amazing Bible Stories of King David, Jairus’ daughter, Apostle Paul, Mary & Martha, and Solomon, your kids will learn how to call on God for “HELP!” when they need healing, peace, joy, wisdom, and help with loneliness.

  • Lesson 1 - “God, I Need Help!” (King David; Psalm 69)
  • Lesson 2 - "God, I Need Healing” (Jairus’ Daughter; Mark 5:21-42)
  • Lesson 3 - “God, I Need Joy” (David and Saul; 1 Samuel 17-24)
  • Lesson 4 - “God, I Need You With Me” (Apostle Paul; Book of Acts)
  • Lesson 5 - “God, I Need Peace” (Mary & Martha; Luke 10:38-42)
  • Lesson 6 - “God, I Need Wisdom” (Solomon; 1 Kings 3:1-15)

Never Too Young

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

In this series, your children will learn valuable lessons from the Bible's youngest heroes.

Through the amazing Bible Stories of Timothy, Esther, Joash, David, Naaman's servant girl, and the boy with the 5 loaves & 2 fish, your kids will learn that they don't have to wait until they are adults to do BIG things for God.

  • Lesson 1 - “Be An Example” (Timothy)
  • Lesson 2 - "Speak Up!” (Naaman's Servant Girl)
  • Lesson 3 - “Give What You Have” (Boy w/Loaves & Fish)
  • Lesson 4 - “Take On The Giant” (David & Goliath)
  • Lesson 5 - “Stand Up For Others” (Esther)
  • Lesson 6 - “Listen To Godly Advice” (Joash)


Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

The book of First John teaches so much about this “Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE.” In this amazing book of the Bible, we learn about God’s love, our love for Him, our love for others, and more. Love is what shows the world that we belong to God!

With lesson titles taken from popular LOVE songs throughout the decades,“Crazy LittleThing Called LOVE” is a journey through the book of First John. We pray that this series helps your kids learn how to demonstrate LOVE to the world.

  • Lesson 1:- “Love Will Keep Us Together” (1 John 1:7)
  • Lesson 2: "The Power Of Love” (1 John 1:9)
  • Lesson 3: “Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places” (1 John 4:16)
  • Lesson 4: “What's Love Got To Do With It?” (1 John 4:8)
  • Lesson 5: “Don't Throw Your Love Away” (1 John 2:15)
  • Lesson 6: “More Than Words” (1 John 3:18)

Jesus Is For Everyone

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

“For God so loved the world...” These are the words that begin one of the most famous scriptures in the Bible. Yet, too often, people get it in their minds that Jesus only came for special, rich, or important people.

Jesus didn’t come and reveal Himself to the Kings and Leaders of the time. He was born in a manger and appeared to Shepherds. Jesus didn’t spend His time ministering only to the “important” and “influential” people of society. He spent time ministering to the hurting, the sick, the lost, and the poor. Jesus was willing to spend time with ANYONE who would listen to His message.

  • Lesson 1: “God Loves The World” (Nicodemus)
  • Lesson 2: “Drop The Rocks” (Adulterous Woman)
  • Lesson 3: “Jesus Loves The Little Children” (Children)
  • Lesson 4: “Leave It All Behind” (Matthew)
  • Lesson 5: “The Living Water” (Woman At The Well)
  • Lesson 6: “No Doubt” (Thomas)

Never Forget

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

Have you ever forgotten something really important?  Maybe your teacher told you to prepare a Science Project for a big grade.  Then, you walked into the classroom on the due date only to realize you FORGOT ALL ABOUT THE PROJECT!  That’s a horrible feeling.  Forgetting things is not fun.  It never turns out well.

  • Lesson 1: “It’s Never Too Late For A Miracle!” (Jesus Raises The Widow’s Son From The Dead)
  • Lesson 2: “Jesus Brings Freedom!” (Jesus Heals A Demon-Possessed Man)
  • Lesson 3: “Jesus Has Good Plans For You!” (Zacchaeus Climbs A Tree)
  • Lesson 4: "I Must Bring Others To Jesus!” (Jesus Heals A Paralyzed Man)
  • Lesson 5: “God Is With Me!” (Jesus Calms The Storm)
  • Lesson 6: “I Am Forgiven!” (Thief On The Cross)
  • Lesson 7: “When I Honor Authority, I Am Blessed!" (Jesus & The Centurion)
  • Lesson 8: “I Must Care For Others!” (Two Blind Beggars)

Basic Training

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

This Elementary Large Group/Small Group Curriculum Power Pack includes 6 TOTAL LESSONS! Includes high impact Video Segments, Graphic slides, Bible Story with graphics, games, skits, object lessons, and more. Plus, includes Small Group Lessons and Family Devotions to reinforce the Large Group lesson.

In this six-week Curriculum series, your children will learn valuable lessons about the basics of Christianity.

  • Lesson 1: “Born Again?” (Salvation - Story of Nicodemus)
  • Lesson 2: "Is Anybody Listening?” (Prayer - Story of Pharisee & Tax Collector)
  • Lesson 3: “The Special Gift” (Holy Spirit - Story of Peter)
  • Lesson 4: “The B.I.B.L.E.” (God's Word - Story of Jesus In The Wilderness)
  • Lesson 5: “More Than A Song” (Worship - Story of King David Dancing)
  • Lesson 6: “Friends In Low Places” (Witnessing - Story of Andrew Sharing His Faith)

God Speaks

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

In this 6-week series, through the crazy antics of "The Okrah Report," your kids will learn that God still speaks to people today, including kids. They will learn how to hear His voice, what things He says to His people, and how to remove the obstacles in their lives that keep them from hearing His voice.

This Elementary Large Group/Small Group Curriculum Power Pack includes 6 TOTAL LESSONS! Includes high impact Video Segments, Graphic slides, Bible Story with graphics, games, skits, object lessons, and more. Plus, includes Small Group Lessons and Family Devotions to reinforce the Large Group lesson.

  • Lesson 1: “Does God Still Speak?” (Abram hears from God)
  • Lesson 2: "Does God Speak To Kids?” (Samuel hears God's voice)
  • Lesson 3: “How Does God Speak?” (Moses & the burning bush)
  • Lesson 4: “What Does God Say” (The writing on the wall)
  • Lesson 5: “What Else Does God Say?” (God comforts Joshua)
  • Lesson 6: “Why Don't I Hear God Speak?” (Eli refuses to obey)

Say Whaaat?

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

Jesus challenged the status quo. From the moment He arrived on the scene, He made statement after statement that made people stop in their tracks. In fact, His statements made all the people around Him stop and say the modern-day equivalent of, “Say Whaaaat?”

In this series, your children will learn about some of the most challenging statements and teachings of Jesus. From learning to store up treasures in Heaven to learning to live without worry, your kids will be challenged to get rid of the “old” way of thinking and embrace the “Jesus” way of thinking!

  • Lesson 1: “Don't Store Up Treasures On Earth”
  • Lesson 2: “Nothing Is Impossible”
  • Lesson 3: “Humble Yourself And You Will Be Exalted"
  • Lesson 4: "Don't Worry About Anything"
  • Lesson 5: “Love Your Enemies"
  • Lesson 6: “If You Don't Forgive Others"


Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

Kids have a fascination with bugs and insects.  Remember how many times you went running in the fields to catch lightning bugs or grasshoppers?  Many of us never would have thought that BUGS could be used to teach us valuable lessons about the Bible.  But it’s true!  That is what this curriculum series is designed to do...teach biblical truth in a creative and wacky way!

Included in these lessons are various tools to help you instruct, as well as entertain the children as they journey through the land of insects and bugs together.  Each segment of the lesson is meant to reinforce the Biblical truth that is presented.

  • Lesson 1: “The Praying Mantis” (the power of prayer)
  • Lesson 2: “Ants” (working together in unity)
  • Lesson 3: “Lightning Bug” (shining your light in a dark world)
  • Lesson 4: “Caterpillar & Butterfly” (transforming power of God)
  • Lesson 5: “Spider” (avoiding the web of temptation)
  • Lesson 6: “Stinkbug” (staying away from a stinky attitude)

Living Large/ Noah

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

In “NOAH: Surviving The Storms Of Life”, your kids will follow the story of Noah and the Great Flood.  They will learn some valuable lessons that will teach them how to survive the worst storms that life can bring.

So, enjoy the ride as you and your children take off on an amazing adventure.

  • Lesson 1: “Living For God In A Wicked World” 
  • Lesson 2: “Don’t Miss The Boat”
  • Lesson 3: “After The Rain”

In this series, the children will learn some important financial principles that are based on the Bible.  They will learn how to prioritize their money - tithing, saving, generously giving to others - as well as many other important biblical strategies.  Each principle that is shared has a corresponding object lesson to go along with it.  We hope that it will help the lessons be “sticky” so that your kids (and you) will remember the principles for many years to come!

  • Lesson 1: “Follow The Leader” 
  • Lesson 2: “I Want It NOW!”
  • Lesson 3: “Are You Smarter Than An Ant?”
  • Lesson 4: “Buried Treasure”

How To Ruin Your Life

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

In this six-week curriculum series, your children will learn from the stories of Adam and Eve, David and Bathsheba, Joseph, King Solomon, Jacob and Esau, and the nation of Israel. They will discover how each of these Bible characters faced tough situations - some made wise decisions and some made foolish decisions. Each lesson will teach the children some of the foolish decisions to avoid - based on the lives of these characters.

We all make important choices every single day. Often, we underestimate the impact of those daily decisions on the rest of our lives. We have to work hard to avoid making foolish mistakes that will lead our lives on the wrong track.

  • Lesson 1: “Resist Authority” (Adam & Eve)
  • Lesson 2: "Do What Feels Good” (David & Bathsheba)
  • Lesson 3: “Hold On To Grudges” (Joseph & His Brothers)
  • Lesson 4: “Live For Myself” (King Solomon's 'Meaningless' Life)
  • Lesson 5: “Compare Myself To Others” (Israelites Want A King)
  • Lesson 6: “Live For The Moment” (Esau Sells His Birthright)

The REAL Christmas Story

Originally priced: $99 | SALE PRICE: $17

Because of all of the confusion about the Christmas Story, it is so important that we teach our kids “The REAL Christmas Story” - straight from the Bible. That is what we attempt to do in this series. Your kids will love remembering all of the details and learning some new twists in the plot that they may never have known.

  • Lesson 1: “MARY: The Unlikely Mother”
  • Lesson 2: “JOSEPH: The Obedient Father”
  • Lesson 3: “SHEPHERDS: The Unexpected Guests”
  • Lesson 4: "The Selfish King”
  • Lesson 5: “JESUS: The Glorious Savior”

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